Matt Palmer | Inland From Here ##13 – 31 August

Matt Palmer | Inland From Here ##13 – 31 August

Matt Palmer’s stunning new exhibition Inland From Here was due to open at the gallery on Saturday 15th August.  Due to the changing lockdown situation, the exhibition was launched online  in our virtual viewing room. Once we are able to open our doors again, we will organise a post-opening event for Matt Palmer’s exhibition and invite you all in to view!  Palmer has long been interested in using Landscape to communicate strong currents of serenity,  nostalgia, joy and melancholy.  His quietly iconic paintings set out to evoke a range of emotional responses triggered by memory, location and distance. Palmer began painting these new works earlier this year, as the world was transitioning into lockdown, due the 2020 pandemic crisis. An ex-pat residing in Sydney, much of this exhibition was painted during this period of isolation and contemplation – and is perhaps fittingly titled Inland From Here.

“Inland” Situated in the interior part of a country or region: 

“From” Source or origin 

“Here” In this place 

Our inner world manifests itself in both a physical and emotional state. In this present time of upheaval and changing landscapes we are spending more time than ever in this place. A place that is reflective and hidden from the exterior world. These are the roads that I have wandered sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a purpose in mind. These are the roads that lead me inward to the landmass that lies at the centre of my small Island. This is a landscape that has always captured my attention. A place that is on the way somewhere or on the way back. I pass through this time and place, wondering if things will ever go back to the way they were. I know consciously that change is inevitable and our world is in this constant state of flux. This doesn’t make it any clearer or easier to understand. The landscapes that talk to me always seem to chart a course from one place in time to another. They are both fixed in the historical context of painting as they are a reflection of how I feel about my own journey. Captured glimpses, moments in time that are forever engraved on my memory and embedded in that place that lies somewhere hidden, somewhere inland of where I am now.

Matt Palmer 2020

More works to be added. Contact the gallery for a complete list of works.

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