Immersion Emergence ii ## 23rd Dec – 15 Jan

Immersion Emergence ii ## 23rd Dec – 15 Jan

‘Immersion Emergence #2’ is an installation in the gallery over the summer break – and anchored in the idea of an ocean that connects us all, and without which we could not survive.

Sea salt is arranged to reflect refracted ‘light-lines’ that play the sun’s energy across the sea floor. Balloons symbolise bubbles or sea foam on the surface of the ocean, above our heads.

Oxygen enters the ocean in the surface water through contact with the atmosphere. From there the oxygen is then brought to greater depths through the sinking and circulation of water masses. As the balloons loose air they deflate and sink.

The installation changes form over time, both through the salt lines becoming merged through the movement of peoples feet, and the entropy of balloons loosing air and sinking down.

Carter’s art practice has water as its principal concern, in particular bodies of water. Arthur C Clarke wrote ‘it is absurd that our planet is called ‘Earth’ when it should be called ‘Ocean’.’ All life on earth is a consequence of our planet having water. a substance that arrived onto Earth from outer space, most likely via icy asteroids. All water on Earth is connected and maintained via complex cycles of hydrology, centered on our oceans.