Belinda Griffiths | Inflection

Belinda Griffiths | Inflection


Inflection is the latest body of work by Belinda Griffiths. During the first lockdown Belinda began a series of daily paintings of the blackbirds in her garden. These works were small and immediate and were both a way of maintaining some semblance of routine but also became a form of meditation or prayer.

“A daily return to the natural world became more than just a quaint idea, but an essential way for me to spend time and connect with something concrete that extended beyond the challenges of lockdown, a way to connect to something bigger than myself.”

With subsequent works she further explored the idea of this encounter. The slowing down necessary to notice. The stillness required to observe and listen. The moments before and the moments just after. The titles for each of these works have been taken from the poem “13 ways of looking at a blackbird” by Wallace Steven’s.

“When the blackbird flew out of sight it marked the edges of one of many circles”

“13 ways of looking at a blackbird” by Wallace Steven’s