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Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter graduated from AUT University in 2008, with a Masters in Art & Design and went on to win the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award in 2009. Since graduating, Matthew has exhibited widely and has been a finalist in a variety of awards. His work features in many public, private and corporate collections across Europe, USA and Australasia, including the TSB Wallace Trust collection in Auckland.

The city has, over the centuries, been regarded with ambivalent and conflicting attitudes. There have been contradictory philosophies that move between seeing the city as a place of social malaise, to seeing it as a malleable place for each individual within it. It is perceived sometimes as a threatening, dangerous place but also a vibrant and lively one making the urban locale an exciting subject for visual exploration. Continual gradual flux, as well as abrupt change, are characteristics of the urban environment and these aspects are part of what Matthew seeks to explore in his painting. Renewed interest in the importance of space, in physics and geography, is turning space into the new history.

My painting attempts to engage with shifts in time and space by looking at how these relate to the spatio-psychology of the city. Networks, cyberspace, architecture and urban planning change the nature of the city’s places and questions about geographical location and the importance of places provide another focus of interest for my painting. I often bring together unconnected elements, buildings and figures, and composite them to create a new, invented place. I also use high or unfamiliar and/or impossible views to examine how a viewpoint might enable a psychological shift as well as spatial and temporal ones. The work also aims to question what makes a place authentic or inauthentic

Matthew Carter’s Eye Contact 2016 exhibition review


Wallace Trust Art Awards Finalist, Auckland, 2010, 2011 and 2015
Finalist Painting and Printmaking Awards 2012, Waikato Society of Arts
BMW McMillan Awards Finalist, 2010
National Contemporary Art Awards Finalist, 2011
Anthony Harper Awards Finalist COCA, Christchurch, 2010
WaiArt Awards Finalist top ten, 2010
North Shore City Art awards finalist, 2010
Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Award –  Winner, 2009
Adam Portraiture Award Finalist National Portrait Gallery Wellington, 2008

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