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Joy Chang

Joy Chang is already well on her way to enjoying an incredibly successful career. While Chang has spent a large part of her life living in Auckland, she is currently based in Taiwan completing an artist residency. In 2009, Chang graduated from Elam with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and subsequently completing a Masters’ Degree in Painting at London’s world renowned Slade School of Fine Art in 2011.

Chang’s work is informed by the environment around her; in amongst the hustle and bustle of urban living, Chang isolates specific colours, forms and textures and uses them as her source material for her paintings. She works primarily with watercolour on paper to create large vistas of colour and seemingly abstract, geometric figurations. “With the influence of colour, I hope to provide a lasting impact on the viewer” says Chang.

Joy has collaborated with Hermės and her work features in many public, private and corporate collections across NZ, Asia and Europe, including Auckland’s Wallace Art Trust Collection.