Jake Feast

Jake Feast in an Auckland based artist. He is best known for his evocative and biomorphic abstract works which subvert the traditions of painting, pushing at the medium’s underlying conceptuality. Jake uses paint, chemicals, resin and chance to form his layered vortex constructions.

His process is as much scientific as it is artistic: when acetone or alcohol are mixed with resin in a cup, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the resin separate. Jake then pours the thick liquid onto a canvas substrate and uses heat to spread it across the surface, making a ripple effect.  A clear coat of resin is then laid overtop, this process is repeated over and over again. The finished work is then sanded down before flaming the surface to remove unwanted texture and bubbling.

The finished works have multi-dimensional depth due to this rigorous layering process. While this process requires constant manipulation and nurture, Jake estimates he only controls about 60 percent of the artwork – the rest is fluid, organically abstract and unpredictable.

Meet the maker: Auckland resin artist and abstract painter Jake feast