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George Baloghy

George Baloghy is an established New Zealand professional painter, having exhibited regularly in NZ and overseas for over 30 years. His style can be described as realism, although it is a particular kind of realism, hardened and sharpened to be something more dramatic. By heightening colour and contrast he creates a reality not quite like the world that we see, but more ideal, more intense and edgy.

Urban landscapes form the backbone of his output. These are an ongoing historical record of the city evolving around him, usually with the banal narratives of ordinary street life. Occasionally he forays into rural and coastal scenery. Another parallel stream of work deals with appropriated imagery from other artists, often with humour, as well as themes that are close to Pop Art, Surrealism and Symbolism. These are depicted as alternative realities, with humour and wit, containing commentaries on how we see. Art Historical references abound, there is generally more to the paintings than meets the eye, depending on your knowledge of Art History and sometimes local events. Baloghy’s city landscapes are effectively history paintings of a moment in time. Many, particularly from the 1980s, have become absolute history paintings, as Auckland City tore itself apart and reinvented itself.

George Baloghy has worked professionally as an artist since 1993. His work is included in the curricula of University art history programmes and he has work in almost all the major public art museums in New Zealand.

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