Anna Perry

Based in Dunedin since 2009, Anna Perry holds a BFA from Elam School of Fine Arts (2004). She currently works as an Early Childhood Educator, and has held positions at Milford Gallery and Art Zone. She exhibits at nkb Gallery in Auckland and has shown her work in a range of spaces in and around Dunedin including: Blue Oyster, Anteroom, Dowling Street Studios, and Geoff’s. She has been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards and her work has been reviewed by the Otago Daily Times and featured on Arts Diary.

Anna Perry’s paintings have increasingly begun to reflect her domestic environment; capturing views out through windows and doors, finding beauty in a pile of washing or a cluttered bench. Her work has always been concerned with the everyday, much like the work of Joanna Margaret Paul, Jaqueline Fahey and Peter Doig who are known for their quiet, meditative, domestic portraiture that can feel both isolated and intimate.

While Anna’s work displays an understanding of the formal qualities of oil painting, her interest in sculpture and installation has informed their unique format, being tactically small so as to function as both a painting and an object to hold.