Föenander Galleries contributes to the civic and cultural landscape of Mount Eden, celebrating its rich history with the arts and promoting resurgence with new generations. We represent a diverse range of New Zealand artists, presenting an annual calendar of exhibitions and range of public programs, with a team to offer insight, expert advice and consultancy.

Art Consultation & Sourcing | We provide free consultancy, assisting our clients locally and internationally. Whether you are relocating, re-decorating or fitting out a commercial project we can help you achieve the results you desire. If you are after something specific, that you can’t find here in the gallery, we have an art sourcing service. Share with us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find it for you.

Commissions |
A number of our artists accept commissions, some on no obligation.

Packaging, Shipping and Handling | We can provide excellent shipping rates to both National & International clients, with the assurance of safe handling and insurance options.

Artworks available on approval
| If you find an artwork you love but you would like see it in your environment before committing to purchase – we are happy to loan works out for a number of days.

Lay-by | Payment options are available.

Installation | We can provide professional installation as well as advice on hanging, preservation and presentation.

Artist Talks and Art Groups |
During solo exhibitions we host artist talks and conversations, as part of our ongoing series of public programs. We also host evenings for art groups, which usually offer an introduction to new exhibitions with the curator, followed by Q&A.

Gift Certificates Available | We offer personalised gift vouchers available in any denomination you choose.

Elle Föenander

Elle Föenander


James Brown

James Brown


Zoe McBride

Zoe McBride

Creative Advisor


A premium, boutique winery that punches above its weight in every respect. These qualities, along with a culture that boldly celebrates individuality resonated strongly with Föenander Galleries – as did their commitment to support mental health via the PINK SHEEP range. We have been working with Soho since August 2018 and are proud to have their support in providing our guests top quality wines.


Sait Akkirman – online platform featuring photographs, primarily from exhibition openings, showing artworks in context, including visitors and their interaction with the works and each other. Currently over 3000 exhibitions posted. The photographs have developed into an invaluable archive, showing the rich diversity of the Auckland visual arts scene.


Unaltered from its deep source to the bottle on the table, the purity of Antipodes is its hallmark. Far beneath the earth’s surface at a depth of 327m is the natural home of Antipodes; an artesian aquifer composed of silica rich ignimbrite rock. Assessed as New Zealand’s deepest high quality water source, it exists under such immense geological pressure that the water flows naturally all the way to the surface.

My Art
NZ Art financing, providing Interest-free art loans to clients so they can purchase work and acquire their piece.

Brothers Beer
Brothers Beer another seamless fit. Here is a company focussed on producing top quality products in intriguing public spaces across Auckland. They don’t settle for anything less, but at the same time don’t take themselves too seriously. Coupled with that, Brothers Beer’s flagship brewery is located squarely in Mount Eden. We have been working with Brothers Beer since June 2018 and is proud to have their support in providing our guests the best beers around.

Art Money
Art Money makes owning art easy. Payments are spread over 10 monthly payments.
After paying a minimum 10% deposit, you can take your artwork home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months, interest free. Art Money helps you enjoy art, support local artists and galleries and contributes to the long-term sustainability of local art and culture. Art Money is currently available in over 1,000 galleries across New Zealand, Australia, the U.S and internationally.